Cry Baby

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am a cry baby.  I cry A LOT.  When I say A LOT, I mean, like watching cartoons, listening to the radio, reading books.  Last night, I was crying watching Project Runway.  I hide my tears, or at least try too. And I won’t watch anything that I know will make me cry – like “chick flicks”. (They are a big no-no in my book.)   I somehow got tricked in to watching “My sister’s keeper” a few months ago with a friend and startled her when I blurted out half way through “What the heck is wrong with you people watching movies like this that you KNOW are going to make you cry!”  I was angry that the movie made me feel so much pain.

This morning, I was listening to an audio book while running and one of the characters was mad, yelling at everyone and I just started crying!  I mean, behind his anger, I knew there was a person in pain and that…well pains me!  I had to have a little conversation with myself..”Angel, it’s just a book.”  Fictional character or not, I wish I could take everyone’s pain away from them. 

Sadly, I cannot.  But Jesus can.  In Matthew 11:28, Jesus says.  “”Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”   Ahhhh.  Isn’t that great to know?  If you ask for it, God can give you peace beyond your own understanding.  Thank you Lord!


  1. Stacie Desautels says:

    Me too! God made us to care :). Praise God for the peace only He can give… I really needed it yesterday. Xoxo

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