Hung Over

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Not from alcohol!  But from just too much emotion.  This was the first Christmas in 16 years without my son.  He’s at a private school in another state, which I’m happy about because he is doing well and learning a lot.  But, wow, what an emotional day.  Every time I started to feel sorry for myself I remembered “the reason for the season”, which is Jesus of course!  So, all day was a roller coaster ride of emotions. Down, missing my son…Up remembering Jesus came to save us.  And today…I just feel…well, hung over!

Having said that, I’m just so thankful that I have a relationship with Jesus and I just couldn’t imagine getting through missing my son without Him.  I’m so thankful to have that perspective.


  1. Stacie says:

    I am here for you girlfriend ~ I can’t imagine how difficult yesteday as well as every day is with out you son-shine. Big hugs for you and let Jesus handle the rest 🙂

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