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The Thoughts We Think

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Faith
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I woke up with a major headache this morning.  My bf says it’s from thinking too much, which is a realistic possibility.  At any rate, I was not singing along as normal at church this morning – it just hurt too much.  So, I decided to close my eyes and imagine what it would be like in heaven.  I pictured a bright white light all around me… full of warmth, like the sun I love so much in the summer.  Yes!  That would be so awesome!  My next thought of what it would be like in heaven was….”jeans that fit.”  lol.  Seriously. That was my immediate next thought of what it would feel like in heaven.  Ohhh to have jeans that fit – wouldn’t that be heavenly!

After that thought, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else “heavenly”.  I was a bit appalled at of all the things I could have thought about, it would be the comfort of pajama pants or some other “non-buttoning” apparel.  Clearly I was not as focused as I should have been.  So, I decided I’d try that again after I was home, in comfortable clothes, so I would not be distracted again.  🙂

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hung Over

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Not from alcohol!  But from just too much emotion.  This was the first Christmas in 16 years without my son.  He’s at a private school in another state, which I’m happy about because he is doing well and learning a lot.  But, wow, what an emotional day.  Every time I started to feel sorry for myself I remembered “the reason for the season”, which is Jesus of course!  So, all day was a roller coaster ride of emotions. Down, missing my son…Up remembering Jesus came to save us.  And today…I just feel…well, hung over!

Having said that, I’m just so thankful that I have a relationship with Jesus and I just couldn’t imagine getting through missing my son without Him.  I’m so thankful to have that perspective.


Be Happy!

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Every day you have a choice to be happy.  Most days, for me it’s easy!  Some days though…some days….are not so easy.  Anxiety, worry, stress, etc can take over.  And WOW can those feelings be powerful.  But you know when those feelings start to overpower you, you need to immediately go to God.  Give your worries to Him.  Don’t be anxious about anything – just as the bible says.

Some days this is a battle for me, I admit it.  But it’s one I’m bound to win because God wants me to.  So, today, I’m choosing to be happy!  To be soooo happy that when others look at me, they become happy too.  Because God wants His light to shine through us.  Be Happy!

Begin with the end in mind.

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Faith
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The other day as I was walking in to a building with my son, he said randomly, “would you have ever thought at my age that you’d end up being a christian leading your own women’s ministry?”  He is 16.

Talk about “deer in the headlights”…no doubt that was what I looked like.  A million thoughts (and some  horrors as I remember how I lived at 16!) went throught my mind.  But I knew I only had a few seconds before his curious mind went on to another subject, so I answered him quickly and honestly, “no way!” I said.  “But I’m sure glad I ended up here.”

And sure enough, that was the end of that conversation as he moved on to something else.  I’m not sure where he was going with that question, or what his mind was thinking when he asked it.  I am overjoyed that he is even thinking about “ending up” somewhere and I hope he thinks being a christian is a good place to be.

Beginning with the end in mind is a great strategy for life!  And my job is to keep pointing him in the right direction.